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Knowledge of leather belt
2019-07-16 11:35:15
Product introduction
Leather belt is one of the important objects of daily necessities, whether it is its function, or its decoration are more and more dominated by market consumption.
At present the international community to promote environmental protection, so the most popular PU leather belt, leather belt market less and less. Our country is the largest leather belt exporter in the world. Belts exported to the European Union and the United States must meet stringent environmental non-toxic standards. The current popular leather belt gradually widened style, and a wide, narrow, wide place up to 12 cm, shiny metallic New decoration, color diversification, such as red, lake blue, Wei purple, Goose yellow, white and so on.
Key indicators
1. Material selection. Leather can be processed into a variety of leather belt, the main material is, leather (including the first layer of leather, two layers of leather, two-story transfer film, two spray, etc.), PU leather, PVC leather, , Renewable spray), currently the most upscale leather in the market for the first layer of leather (the first layer of leather is divided into blue wet skin and tree paste skin), wet blue leather - leather water treatment plant that has a light blue effect Specific process to refer to the leather water treatment), tree bark skin - the color is not dyed qualities. Vegetable tanned leather, commonly known as tree bark leather, vegetable tannage leather scalability, easy to change water absorption soft, easy to integer plasticity, the color from the original light pink to light brown, suitable for all kinds of color leather ornaments and carving crafts . The characteristics of vegetable tanned leather: tanned leather after fatliquoring, compact leather tissue tightness, extensibility, good formability, flexible board fullness, no greasy feeling, leather grain, suede shiny, Water absorption is soft.
    Belt buckle bite force, body tear force, tear with holes and tooth bite force index. Experiments show that the buckle bite force test done a total of 50 tests, according to the index 180N calculation, the passing rate of 70%, unqualified products mainly synthetic leather material made of belts, leather products all qualified. Tape tear force test done a total of 50 times, according to the index 300N calculation, the passing rate of 80%, the main failure of the product is recycled leather belt, leather belt body tear generally 800N or more. Perforation tear test 80 times, according to the index 160N calculation, the passing rate of 70%, unqualified products are mainly concentrated in the regeneration of leather and synthetic leather made of the belt, a separate calculation of synthetic leather and leather with perforated tear force, qualified The rate is 55%. Bite occlusal force test made a total of 40 times, according to 160N calculation, the passing rate of 75%.

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