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Portable charging belt enables emergency charging
2019-07-16 11:35:47
Today, the big screen smart phone has become everyone's favorite, but then also created a problem that everyone's smart phone battery has become a "flawed", many friends in the hands of mobile power has become standard, one hand Take cell phone mobile power, although very inconvenient but it is helpless move.
Recently, a group called the Nifty team designed a more alternative products, simply put the belt and mobile power integration together, once the mobile device is low power, you can easily pull out the data line in the belt, to pants pocket Mobile phone to charge.
This mobile power version of the belt itself has a 1300mAh flexible lithium battery, and the buckle there is an additional 800mAh, add up to provide 2100mAh power to meet your daily emergency charge of a single cell phone, 5 LED lights can be displayed The remaining battery power. Data lines are available in both versions of MicroUSB and Apple's Lighning.
I have to say that this team has a good idea and does provide a convenient solution for current big-screen mobile phone users. However, this product also needs to be improved. That is, the current overall battery capacity is small and it is difficult to meet the user's power needs.

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